Property Management

If you are the owner of a Property in Warsaw or Łódź, we will be happy to take care of all matters related to the management of your Property

We guarantee security in Lease Agreements with Tenants and service providers

We supervise all payments related to your Property, e.g.:

  • rental payments
  • payments of administrative rent
  • tax payments
  • utility payments and payments for other settlements related to your Property

We manage, so that your properties are kept in perfect technical condition

by efficient operation on the real estate market, we try to minimize the “Real Estate Lease-Free” periods between subsequent Lease Agreements

We are effective in enforcing payments

We cooperate and represent our clients before various offices, e.g.:

  • Tax Offices
  • housing associations
  • building administrations

We control the payment of monthly administrative fees and other fees made by Tenants

Tenants always receive support from us in concluding the necessary contracts, organizing the necessary documents, e.g.:

  • TV contracts * Internet * telephone * Tenants’ registration ( check-in)

with your consent, we store documents relating to your Property for you, e.g.

  • guarantees * correspondence * lease agreements etc.

with your consent and at your request, we store accessories for your Property for you, e.g.

  • key remotes * access cards * access codes etc.

with your consent and at your request, we maintain for you all electronic profiles generated by service providers and building administrations

with your consent and at your request, we store documents and information important for tax settlements

We supervise the submission of tax returns

on request, we prepare new or additional keys, remote controls etc.

We cooperate with architectural and interior design offices

we organize interior furnishings, home staging

We carry out technical acceptance ( commissioning) of flats from developers and secondary market flats

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